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Two teachers talking about Technology Integration, giving ideas, troubleshooting, talking about why we need tech in classrooms. This was a great way to get PD out to our teachers and we thought we should share it with everyone. Here it is.
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Two teachers from Bassett Unified School District in La Puente, California, talking about Technology Integration, giving ideas, troubleshooting, talking about SAMR and why we need tech in classrooms. This was a great way to get PD out to our teachers and we thought we should share it with everyone. Here it is. Visit our district page here: and our resources at 

May 4, 2016

In this episode, Tom and Michael discuss BUSD's LMS, Haiku, and how they have made an open student portfolio page. It can be used to display student work to parents and others, and can be updated with work throughout the year. Now is a good time to get these pages set for next year. 

We give some presentation tips, based upon research, experience, and Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds. Get some tips to make your presentations to the class, colleagues or even on the web, much better than they have ever been.

Lastly, we talk about end of the year packing and storage, especially because here in BUSD, we are transforming our elementary learning spaces into digital learning centers. We give some tips on packing, purging and putting things into the cloud. 

As always, your feedback is welcome.

Apr 12, 2016

This Edition of TOSAs Talking Tech, Tom and Mike Highlight Veescope Live, a green screen app used in our district from k-12. We also have our final CUE Revue with our Early Literacy Specialists, and we have our first ever book review of Technology for teachers by Jennifer Gonzalez. @cultofpedagogy @veescope, @PuenteReadsBUSD @MarloReadsBUSD

Apr 5, 2016

Discovery Education Cue Connection

 We hooked up with Discovery Education at CUE, and told them how much we loved the Discovery Educator Network (DEN) and Spotlight On  Strategies (SOS) introduced this past year. In fact, Mike and Tom were DEN trainers for their district. In this episode, we interview Jessica Rivera and Jannita Demian (@jdemian) from Discovery Ed. About the new DEN and how it is changing the practice in classrooms across the country.

Manic Minute with meg Perry, our BIE PBL Specialist, and a App review of Adobe Voice for the iPad.

Let us know what you think, comments, concerns and critiques are welcome at

Mar 31, 2016

#CUE16 Spectacular Supreme Extravaganza Showcase #2

OMG Twitter! #tosachat and #connectedtl importance to this conference, and making us feel like insiders. Shout out to #SGVCue, our local affiliate and local CUE peeps. We discuss some more sessions we enjoyed from Friday and Saturday as well as some new manic minutes with @msbaker62, @techynana, @Bribriggs and @cogswell_ben. Lots of Fanboy adoration for all of the awesome educators we met and ways to continue to grow our PLC/PLN.

Also, we talk about the CUE Karaoke, fun and good times had by all!

Mar 23, 2016

#Cue16 Spectacular Supreme Extravaganza Showcase #1

This episode is all about National CUE, and we had so much to say that we needed not 2, but 3 episodes to get this done. In this Podcast, we talk about day one, Thursday March 17th our #teambassett that went.

Mad props to all of the crazy educators we met. If this conference was one thing, it was social! Yvonne Flores, Marlo Leon and Belinda Puente join us for our CUE-ReVUE, sharing their in-session and out-of-session gems.

We also break up the podcast wih the Manic Minute, this time with Belinda and Marlo on the hot seat. Happy Listening

Lots of name dropping this episode, with all of our new PLC connections.

Thanks to the CTO Boys, Ryan and Brian, @edtechminded, @catetolnai, @cogswell_ben, @jcorippo, @lindseyblass1, @mindyahrens1, @bensonk49, @mrsjennarodgers, @techynana @msbaker62 #connectedTL #tosachat #podcastedu #cue16

Happy Listening!!

Mar 11, 2016

On this episode, Mike and Tom discuss the new Apple iOS release coming soon, 9.3. They went to an Apple event highlighting the changes coming for education, making iPads easier to deploy and use within a classroom setting. Thanks to Whittier City School District for hosting the event.

They also introduce a new segment called ManicMinute. Their guest tries to answer a series of introductory questions in the shortest time possible. They roped in three of their colleagues to beta test the segment, and those first three guinea pigs are in the second segment of todays show.  

Lastly, Tom and Mike gush about a couple of sessions @ the upcoming CUE 2016 and do some name dropping, with a new sound effect to boot!

We hope to see you at CUE2016. Tweet us if you are there, we will be recording every night, and we would love to have you as a guest on our show!

#podcastpd #TTTBUSD, ##Tosachat @techtombusd, @techmikebusd, @PBLAmyBUSD, @PBLYvonneBUSD,

Mar 4, 2016

In this episode, we talk about PLCs and their expansion with Technology. We recaap out Tustin Connect Institute visit with a special guest, and we talk about teaching students how to make the most out of their content searches. 


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Tustin Unified School District

Tustin Connect Institute Conference:

 Cue 2016 Conference

 Google Search Education:Thanks to @creativedtech Ryan O’Donnell for the ideas and links for this training.


 Ryan’s Blog on Weebly:

 Google Search Education Site:

TOSAsTalkingTech Podcast/Screencast Page

Feb 23, 2016

In this Episode of TTT, we discuss the fun side of technology through the years, starting in the 1950s with the first TV remote, running through Coding classed with Sphereo and BB-8 today. 

It is a Recess Edition of tech we have fun with. hear Mike and Tom wax nostalgic about tech toys and learning through the past 60 years. 

Feb 5, 2016

SAMR Resources


SAMR - Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything

Introduction to the SAMR Model - Common Sense Media

SAMR Model Explained for Teachers ~ Educational ...

SAMR/TPACK - iPad Bootcamp for Teachers

Using SAMR to Teach Above the Line - Getting Smart by ...

SAMR Model - Technology Is Learning - Google Sites

Ruben R. Puentedura's Weblog - Hippasus

Dr. Ruben Puentedura's SAMR Model -

Ruben Puentedura on Applying the SAMR Model - YouTube

10 ways to reach SAMR's redefinition level | Ditch That ...



Thanks for our shout out from these crazy guys!




Jan 25, 2016

In this episode, Tom and Mike discuss Modification on the SAMR Model, Email Passwords and Etiquette, and two apps you should be using.  

Liquid Text-

Venn Diagram-


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