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Two teachers talking about Technology Integration, giving ideas, troubleshooting, talking about why we need tech in classrooms. This was a great way to get PD out to our teachers and we thought we should share it with everyone. Here it is.
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Two teachers from Bassett Unified School District in La Puente, California, talking about Technology Integration, giving ideas, troubleshooting, talking about SAMR and why we need tech in classrooms. This was a great way to get PD out to our teachers and we thought we should share it with everyone. Here it is. Visit our district page here: and our resources at 

Nov 1, 2017

FallCue 2017 and the Podfather

  • Thursday 10/26
    • Need you to present right now! (Audio in the Classroom)
    • Sketch 50 w/ Misty Kluesner & Cate Tolnai
    • No room for you!
  • Friday 10/27
    • Playtime in the STEAMpunk Playground Ozobots and Spheros
      • Helping to set-up, more than willing...
    • Digital Breakout Edu with Microsoft OneNote with Maria Turner & Melinda Richwine
    • Circuit Studies with Makey-Makeys with Rick Phelan
    • Better Together Learning Network
    • Aurdino: What is it what do I do with it? with David Platt, Heidi Baynes and special guest Roger Wagner of Hyperduino and Hyperstudio
  • Saturday 10/28
    • Tried to get into Lesson Builder's Fair session with Jon Corippo and Lindsey Blass Absolutely packed, next time.
    • Went to with David Thornburg and his wife Norma -STEAM curriculum areas with 3D printers, Arduinos, micro:bits and other new tools for the K-12 classroom.
    • with Jennifer Harrison Principal, Tustin Unified School District and Traci DiLellio Teacher Grades 3/4, Tustin Unified School District
    • with Monica Bennett and Valerie Sun
    • Finally, with Heidi Baynes TOSA-Instructional Technology, San Jacinto Unified School District, Gabrielle Henderson, Denise Leonard, Mark Synnott, Joseph Williams and again special guest Roger Wagner.
  • Sunday 10/29 Podfather Leo Laporte
    • check out about the hour and fifteen minute mark to see us in the studio, and a sticker of ours on Leo's Desk.
Oct 23, 2017


Episode 52

  • SGVCUE Wrap up- highlights and good take aways
    • SGVCUE Board did an amazing job
    • Superintendent and board member Armando Barajas
    • Ann Kozma
    • Playground
    • Coordination and prep work, wow
    • Lessons learned from hosting our first CUE tech conf. (wear comfortable shoes!, bring extra dongles and connectors, ask for as much help and volunteers as possible!)
      • Jason, Katie, David, James, Christine, Kistrina, Kris, Matt, Jose, Valerie, April
  • FallCUE
    • Looking forward to:
      • Connecting with Friends
      • Getting some good PD ideas- digital Breakout EDU w/ OneNote
      • Sharing our expertise in STEAMpunk and ConntectedTL playgrounds
      • Visiting the podfather Leo Laporte
    • Working In:
      • STEAMPUNK Playground
      • Better Together TOSAchat and ConnectedTL Joint venture
    • Other highlighted sessions
    • Brad Montague
  • Congrats to Covina High Launching their podcast! Covina High Tech Tips with Tech Squad
Oct 3, 2017

Silver State Tech Fair International Podcasting Day Manic Minutes with Ben Cogswell, Kyle Anderson, Sara Boucher, Heidi Carr, Ariana Flewelling, Dennis Ryan, Amanda Haughs, Denise Snow Parrot Good Times!

Sep 19, 2017

Episode 50 Common Sense Media Been working on this since we started in this position Did three months of research on Digicit Providers, lots of options, but we found that the best choice for us, the most comprehensive and one of the only k-12 curriculums

Sep 9, 2017

Article- NYTimes leave feedback here: Flipgrid

Interview with Covina High School Student tech team, with Teacher David Platt. 

Shout-outs! Home Grown BUSD Admin- Jason Tveit, Arin McDonald and Rhonda Lentz! Flipgrid teachers Jackie Larson, Jackie Acosta and Ryann Mora! Keep rockin that tech!

Thanks for listening!

Aug 30, 2017

Episode 48 Updates Galore

App Reviews and Updates




FlipGrid news for Microsoft Office 365

Embedding of Grids into OneNote Classroom


Aug 24, 2017

Episode 47

  • Podcasting apps
    • PocketCasts
    • Anchor Our friends over at FSD Innovation Ann, Pablo, Jason and Wes started a Podcast just last week on this fairly new app called Anchor 
      • Anchor is a Podcasting App that allows you get up and running in no time. The handles a lot of the hassles that can come with publishing your Podcast for listeners.
      • Why switch to Anchor?
      • πŸ’Ύ  Free, unlimited podcast hosting
      • πŸ“±  100% mobile creation (in a new, fun format)
      • πŸ€“  No need to touch an RSS feed, ever
      • ☎️  Built-in phone call recording
      • πŸ€™  Call-ins from your listeners
      • πŸ˜€  Tons of other unique, interactive features
      • Anchor instantly converts all recorded audio into rich, colorful videos that play seamlessly on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and any other platform that supports video.
      • Instead of β€œliking" a segment in Anchor, you can actually applaud it (and if your phone is locked and in your pocket, you can applaud just by knocking on the back of your phone). 
      • Anchor gives you the ability to add full length tracks from Apple Music or Spotify, pull in external audio clips, and add high quality interludes from world-class musicians and sound designers.
    • Chorus
      • Podcasts Plus People
      • Hear something that’s just too good to keep to yourself? Share it with your followers. Chorus is the place where you πŸ˜‚ 😭 and πŸ™Œ your favorite podcasts with friends.
  • SGVCUE innovation celebration
  • B4UT- Beginning of the year set up
    • plug it in
    • take photographs
    • recruit help from kids
Aug 17, 2017

Episode 46

  • Tech Updates
    • Flipgrid
      • New integration with several apps like Classroom and OneNote
      • New ways to give feedback, you can create your own rubrics, 1-10
      • Padlet on Flipgrid Ideas.
    • EdPuzzle
      • Premade Videos and questions
      • easier interface and integration options.
  • Interview with SGVCUE board members
    • Upcoming Innovation Celebration
    • Alice Keeler Event
    • Coffee Cues and Road Shows
    • New ways to participate with your affiliate,
    • Free membership for 2017/2018 (until March 18)
  • Apple IOS updates
    • Siri Translations- ELD teachers rejoice
    • Screen Recording- great for process and how to videos
    • Files app- No longer a secret where your files are, this helps with saving, structuring and sharing.
    • True Multitasking- I can't remember a time when i was only doing a task that only needed one app. App smashing is very popular, and help in this area will be awesome
    • AR- building in a framework ad functionality should make AR, already one of the fastest growing spaces in technology, even more prominent. Possibilities are endless, and applications for this tech stretch across all subject areas.
  • B4UT:
Aug 11, 2017

Episode 45

  • #BecauseofCUE
    • Lone Nuts, found a community, grown as educators
      • Bounce ideas, get inspiration, awe in the awesomeness of our twitter friends, connect with people from down the street, over the hill, and even across the state.
    • Thanks to: Ryan O"Donnell and Bryan Briggs
    • John Eick, Roland Aichele
    • Ben Cogswell, Cate Tolnai, Lindsey Blass, #ConnectedTL, #TOSAChat
    • Ann Kozma, Pablo Diaz
  • New things for this year
    • Webinar style trainings
  • Summertime Fun!
    • Books Read
      • Code in Every Class By Kevin Brookhouser and Ria Megnin
        • The case for coding in the classroom-misconception,
        • The demand
        • diversifying in tech or the lack there of
        • all teachers can code
        • engaging students with coding
        • buy-in from admin and site
        • building your knowledge of coding
      • Ready Player One by Ernest Cline 2005
        • Sci-Fi novel that takes place in the year 2044. If you grew up in the 1980's or are just a fan this is the book for you. This eccentric billion Halliday dies and in his will he leaves his fortune up to the first person that can find an easter egg in the game he invented called the Oasis . Music, video games, movies memory lane
        • Kicking myself for not reading this book earlier.
      • Lead Like a Pirate
    • Conferences attended
    • Fun Had
Jun 3, 2017

Mike and Tom talk about their year, conference, projects, and initiatives. We also have an interview with Gabriel Rivera, IET Director for Bassett Unified School District where we discuss tech help, district 1:1, and some big projects coming up in BUSD next year.
College Signing Day video link:

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